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Keep dirt out of the office, home, or plant with an easy to use sticky mat. Place them at any entry way and stop dirt from being tracked into the office or work area by shoes, wheels, or pet paws. With adhesive mats you will save money by reducing cleaning time and costs. Order your sticky mats online today.

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Easy Refills and NonSkid, Reusable Frame

Do you need a portable sticky mat? Then framed sticky mats are what you need. Framed sticky mats come with a 60 layer sticky mat and a hard polystyrene frame. The polystrene frame is reusable and has an anti-slip backing so it can be used on any surface safely. When the 60 layer mat is used up, then simply order a refill mat and place it on the frame to be used again.

Saves and Protects.

Using sticky mats will significantly reduce the amount of cleaning time and maintenance you have to do around the business or home. With less dust you will extend the life of carpeting, floor finishes, office furniture and equipment. Dust builf in equipment or machinery can lead to replacement parts and sticky mats can reduce your chances of that happening.

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High-Tech Contamination Control

Sticky mats are made of multiple layers of adhesive-coated film. The low tack adhesive will remove dirt from shoes, wheels, and even pet paws. Each layer has a numbered tab in the corner for easy removal and makes it clear how many layers are left on the mat. As traffic crosses the mat the adhesive will not transfer and leave a sticky residue. When the top layer is no longer sticky simply grab the numbered tab and remove it to reveal a fresh adhesive layer.

There are 2 styles of sticky mats that are available in a several different sizes. You can choose regular sticky mats or framed sticky mats. Regular sticky mats are designed to stick to the floor until all layers are used. Framed sticky mats are portable because of the hard polystyrene board. Both are easy to install, regular sticky mats have a backing that should be removed before sticking it to the floor. While framed sticky mats just need placed where needed.

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